Past Exhibitions

“Measurements in Khmer Society”

December 2009 Photo gallery

Before the introduction of modern tools of measurements such meter, liter, or gram, in traditional Cambodian culture there were many ways in which time and space is measured and objects counted. Most commonly parts of human body were used as a reference to more



November 2009 Photo gallery

The twenty paintings depicted in this exhibition are the work of nine artists who were former students of the Reyum Art School. Being schoolmates, these artists used to study and work together. Since the completion of their studies, they have individually started working as more



October 2009 Photo gallery

Through the Network Partnership Program of the Prince Claus Fund, The REYUM Institute and Supersudaca have organized a workshop in Cambodia. During 10 days, a team of five architects more


“Transportation in Cambodia”

September 2009 Photo gallery

From 2001 to 2007, Reyum Institute conducted an oral history research project entitled: “A Cambodian Memory Bank”. The project records elderly people’s accounts of their lives from their birth to the present. By following the stories of these individuals “life lines” more


“Exhibition Art Work”
by Khun Sovanrith and Venn Savat

July 2009 Photo gallery

This exhibition consists of 23 modern oil paintings which were created by Mr. Khun Sovanrith and Mr. Venn Savat. Each painting depicts different images, and coveys different more


“Food in Khmer Culture”

April 2009 Photo gallery

From 2001 to 2007, Reyum Institute’s research team has conducted interviews of elderly people (between 50 and 70 years old) as part of our oral history project called a "Cambodian Memory Bank". Using the information from this memory bank, more


“Phnom Penh”
Artworks by Théo Vallier

February 2009 Photo gallery

29 year-old French urban grunge artist Théo VALLIER has exhibited his works numerous times in Paris and Marseille. He is now living in Phnom Penh where he explores the evolution of street more



November 2008 Photo gallery

Pidan is a piece of cloth traditionally hung above statues of the Buddha. It can be made from different types of cloth, of different colors, sizes and design. Some pidan are made of plain more


“Living Hell”
Photographies from Democratic Kampuchea, August 1978

November 2008 Photo gallery



“Through Our Eyes”
an exhibition of 12 Cambodian artists

October 2008 Photo gallery

"Through Our Eyes" is an exhibition of new paintings by twelve contemporary Cambodian artists who have long been associated with Reyum Gallery. Some participated in ...  read more


Watercolor paintings by Chhum Channa

Iuly 2008 Photo gallery

In the following text, the artist reflects on his paintings and the steady loss of traditional wooden houses in Cambodia: "When I walked through the different villages in Battambang, I would often go to ...  read more


Artwork by Kim Hak

Iune 2008 Photo gallery

For Kim Hak, Banyan tree leaves are not only the subject of his work, but also the canvas on which he creates his work. He says, "This artwork, it links to my life ...  read more


“< In Transition >”
Contemporary Cambodian Artists

March 2008 Photo gallery

This exhibition presents the work of fifteen young artists who graduated from the Reyum Art School in 2006. After four years training in basic drawing and painting skills they have acquired a solid knowledge...  read more


“Wat Painting In Cambodia”

May 2007 Photo gallery

In 2001, Reyum Institute started a research project on paintings in Wats (Buddhist temples). The aim of the project was to photograph the mural paintings found in most Wats in Cambodia as well as collecting data about the temples through interviews. read more


Recycling Everyday Materials

January 2007 Photo gallery

This exhibition shows examples of how people in Cambodia make new use of everyday materials. By transforming available resources such as empty plastic and metal containers... read more


Looking at Angkor

May 2006 Photo gallery

This exhibition is the result of a collaborative process with artist Srey Bandol that spanned a period of over four years. Wandering through the temples, equipped with pencil and paper, Srey Bandol meticulously sketched drawings of his view of Angkor. read more


A Good Friend is Hard to Find
An homage to Ingrid by painter Svay Ken

January 2006 Photo gallery

Ingrid Muan (1964-2005) was the co-founding director of Reyum Institute. She passed away on Saturday January 29th 2005. This exhibition was dedicated to her. read more


Paintings by graduating students
from Reyum Art School

August 2005 Photo gallery

This exhibition presents a selection of paintings done by 14 students for their graduation this year. By mounting this exhibition, we wanted not only to encourage these student but also take the opportunity to present the activities of our art school to the general public. read more


A study of Khmer ornament

March 2005 Photo gallery

This exhibition examined a variety of ornaments used to decorate objects and architectural structures throughout Cambodia. read more


Calling the Souls

August 2004 Photo gallery

This exhibition illuminates ritual acts associated with pralung, the “souls” or vital forces believed by the Khmer to animate people as well as certain animals and things. Co-curated by Dr. Ang Choulean and Dr. Ashley Thompson. read more


Seams of Change

January 2004 Photo gallery

This exhibition, compiled from our ongoing oral history project entitled "The Memory Bank", highlighted the theme of clothing and the care of the self during the late 19th and 20th centuries in Cambodia. read more


The Sovannasam Cheadok

July 2003 Photo gallery

This exhibition presents new paintings by students of the Reyum Kasumisou Art School detailing one of the last lives of the Buddha prior to enlightenment. read more


In the land of the elephants

April 2003 Photo gallery

This exhibition presented a set of drawings, specially commissioned from Srey Bandol by Reyum and the Kasumisou Foundation for a new children's book. read more


Visions of the Future

December 2002 Photo gallery

This exhibition presented a wide range of drawings, paintings and installations considering the future of Cambodia as well as the concept of the future in general. All the work in the exhibition and accompanying catalogue was made especially for the exhibition which was planned collaboratively around the particular theme of the Future. read more


The Reamker

September 2002 Photo gallery

This exhibition presented a set of specially commissioned paintings representing characters from the Khmer version of the Ramayana, the Reamker. The exhibition and its accompanying book explore the ways in which canons of representation have developed in traditional Khmer painting. read more


Cultures of Independence

December 2001  Photo gallery

This exhibition was the culmination of a research project surveying a range of "modern" arts as they developed during the period directly after Cambodian independence. Through a series of photo essays and accompanying texts, the exhibition described how forms of "modern architecture", "speaking theater", "modern painting", film, and "modern music" developed in Cambodia during the 1950s and 1960s. read more


Painted stories

June 2001 Photo gallery

This exhibition presented more than one hundred paintings by Svay Ken which tell the story of his family from 1941 to the present. Beginning with his childhood in Takeo Province, the paintings recorded his move to Phnom Penh, his marriage and the life of his family as they endured the tumultuous history of Cambodia’s last six decades. read more


Tools and practices

March 2001 Photo gallery

This exhibition presented a series of traditional tools, borrowed from their owners for the exhibition period. The use of the tools as well as the methods of their fabrication were explicated by exhibition texts. In addition, a series of photo essays traced the changes in long standing habits and tool use, brought on by the forces of modernisation. read more


Ceramics from Lor Pok

December 2000 Photo gallery

This exhibition presented ceramics produced by a kiln located across the river from Phnom Penh. The Pok Kiln researches the use of local clays and glazing methods, making use exclusively of stones and minerals found in Cambodian soil. read more


BATIK, hand painting on silk

October 2000 Photo gallery

This exhibition featured new silk batik paintings by the young Cambodian artist Long Sophea. Trained first as a traditional painter at the art school in Phnom Penh, and then as a fabric designer in Moscow, Long Sophea creates work which incorporates traditional Khmer characters, ornaments, and themes into abstract geometric settings. read more


People and Earth

March 2000 Photo gallery

This exhibition presented the research on the Neak Ta by Dr. Ang Choulean. The photographs of the exhibition were composed into a pictorial essay, considering the wide range of forms through which the Neak Ta is represented. read more


The Legacy of Absence: a Cambodian Story

January 2000 Photo gallery

This exhibition was the culmination of a project which asked artists to consider the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge regime. The resulting work was a meditation on the absences produced by the regime’s rule. A wide variety of paintings, sculptures and installations were created especially for this exhibition. read more


Khmer lacquer making and Lakhaoun Khaol

October 1999   Photo gallery

This exhibition presented a complete set of the masks used in the ritual theatrical dance called Lakhaoun Khaol. The exhibition described the role of the dance in village rituals, as well as explaining the techniques used to make and lacquer masks. read more


Painting history

May 1999 Photo gallery

This exhibition featured a set of large-scale paintings specially commissioned for the exhibition from the painter Pech Song. The paintings represent each of the last five Cambodian political regimes. read more


Continuity and Transmission

January 1999 Photo gallery

An exhibition of the work of the silver smith Som Samai, the mask maker An Sok and the painter Chet Chan. This exhibition offered a survey introduction to three areas of object making with long standing traditions in Cambodia. read more



December 1998 Photo gallery

A group exhibition of new work on the theme of communication prepared for the jury of the 1st Fukuoka Art Trienniale. Participating artists included Prom Sam An, Soeung Vannara, Svay Ken, Phy Chan Than, and Long Sophea. read more